Sam Spoilers

  • Sam makes a shocking discovery in the homicide case.
  • Sam helps John try to clear his name.
  • Alexis learns that Danny has gone missing on 2/14.
  • Alexis worries when she can't reach Sam
  • John talks to Sam about the evidence against him 
  • Sam questions John about his alibi 
Spoilers week of 1/14

  • Sam starts mourning Jason on 1/14
  • Monica and Sam plan a service for Jason on 1/14
  • John finds Sam at his bed on 1/16
  • Sam confronts Todd about what he knew on 1/16
  • Monica is furious when Lucy moves in.
  • Lucy is shocked by what she's confronted with.
  • Todd takes matters into his own hands.
  • Sonny gives AJ a warning.
  • Alexis files a court order giving Kristina power over Trey's fate. 
  • Johnny tips Diane off about what Todd is scheming.
  • Todd is admitted to the hospital.
  • Sonny and Carly get close.
  • Carly seeks revenge.
  • AJ puts Carly to bed.
  • Britt pushes Patrick about their relationship.
  • Todd has another fiendish plan for his future.
  • Sabrina covers for Felix to Epiphany.
  • Sabrina sees Patrick and Britt together.
  • AJ races after Lucy.
  • Maxie makes ridiculous demands on Britt.
  • Ellie still has no feeling in her legs.
  • Spinelli confesses to Ellie.
  • Lulu suspects something grim has happened to Luke.
  • Lucy comes in contact with someone from her past.

Spoilers 11/30

  • Todd catches Sam trying to crack the safe in his office again.
  • Sam issues a stern warning to Carly about Todd on 12/27
  • Felicia tells Maxie she doesn't want her to be a surrogate. 
  • Patrick and Sabrina discuss going to Sonny for the money to fund the Nurse's Ball. 
  • Johnny is mean to Connie, who threatens to tell the truth about Hope and Cole's murders. 
  • Faison and Obrecht discuss how to prove to Anna that he and Duke are two different people.
  • Helena Cassadine arrives at Wyndemere on Monday, December 3.
  • John McBain is officially hired at the PCPD on Tuesday, December 4.
  • Michael confronts his father about kidnapping Connie on Wednesday, December 5.
  • Olivia has visions of Lulu with a wolf-like baby on Thursday, December 6.
  • Carly seeks comfort from Todd on Friday, December 7.
  • Val Chmerkovsky of "Dancing with the Stars" plays a boxer who spars with Sonny and Shawn. 
  • Michael wants Dante to arrest Sonny. 
  • Liz and AJ struggle to come to an understanding. 
  • Maxie's health concerns worry Lulu. 
  • Patrick sees Robin. 
  • Anna makes a major discovery. 
  • Olivia has an unsettling run in with Spinelli.

Spoilers 11/21
  • Sky has a run-in w/old nemeses Carly and Blair.
  • A plan for the Nurse's Ball begins to materialize.
  • AJ and Sam share a tender moment on 12/4
  • Molly reveals that she's writing a novel.
  • Tracy is shocked when Edward's will is read.
  • Johnny witnesses Duke's strange behavior and makes him promise to keep it from Anna.
  • AJ makes a confession to Skye.
  • Maxie makes a very generous offer to Dante and Lulu.
  • Carly has a violent run-in with Skye.
  • Sonny attempts to romance Connie.
  • Michael defends Sonny to AJ.
  • The old animosity between Skye and Todd has not diminished with time.
  • Spinelli has some explaining to do to Ellie.
  • Someone's identity is called into question.      
  • Robert hangs out at the Haunted star and takes the opportunity to needle Duke.
  • Liz and Sabrina meet with Patrick and Steve to discuss the Nurses' Ball project.
  • Will a passionate argument between Alexis and Shawn change their relationship?
  • Helena Cassadine returns to Port Charles week of 12/3.
  • Scheming is abound within the Quartermaine family week of 12/3